Tips For Productivity: Part 2

These are tips that I have found helpful in increasing my productivity. Feel free to take them or leave them, or modify them to your personal life style!

A lot of people seemed to find my first post about Tips For Productivity helpful, so I’m back with part 2!

1. Plan Outfits Ahead Of Time

If you plan out outfits ahead of time, it can save a lot of stress in the mornings. This, in turn, gives you a positive start to the day, which can increase your overall productivity. Every Sunday, I plan my outfits for the week, but even just doing it the night before is a game changer. I set out everything: clothes, socks, and jewelry. It makes it so much easier to throw on the whole outfit in the morning and go on with your day!

2. Don’t overbook yourself

Don’t say “yes” to every plan that comes up. I am a people pleaser, and, in the past, I have felt guilty saying “no” to plans. However, if you overbook yourself, you can get easily burned out, which directly affects your productivity. It’s okay to be honest with people about being too busy to do something so you can focus on yourself in your free time.

3. Exercise

I am not someone who loves to work out, but I find that even doing simple exercises helps to clear my mind and make me more productive. For example, if I need a break during the day, I will set a goal for myself, such as doing 100 crunches. Once I do the crunches, I feel accomplished and confident, making me want to continue with the rest of my tasks for the day.

4. Keep your closet clean

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and disorganized, I find that cleaning my closet helps to reset myself. It is a big task that feels very rewarding. If you consistently keep your closet clean, it will be a lot easier to find things you are looking for and helps to keep you feeling organized.

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