How To Make The Perfect Smoothie

Over the past few months, I have been on a mission to make the perfect smoothie. Smoothies are a great quick lunch or after workout treat. I have narrowed my smoothies down to the above four ingredients: frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, Oatly oatmilk, and Fage yogurt.

I have a magic bullet so this is great for a single serving smoothie, but a regular blender works just as well, and better, if you are making multiple servings.

I start by adding a handful of both strawberries and blueberries. Using frozen fruit makes it so much easier since you don’t need to add ice!

I then add in my yogurt. I use either Fage blueberry or strawberry flavor. The yogurt gives it a nice thickness and adds protein. The extra sweetness from the fruit in the yogurt is the perfect complement to the rest of the smoothie.

The last item I add is a splash of oatmilk. The smoothies needs a liquid to properly blend. Any milk of your choice would work!

When all the items are thrown into the blender, it will look like the above.

As it is blending, it should start to get smooth and brightly colored.

Once you are done, you have a delicious smoothie- enjoy!

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