Lake George: A Small Getaway

I recently took a trip to Lake George, NY. This is somewhere I have always heard is beautiful but never visited. Everything about this trip exceeded my expectations- it truly is a remarkable place.

See below for some of my favorite photos taken on this trip with a short description of each activity! Comment on this post if you have any additional questions on anything pictured.

We took a hot air balloon ride. It started by going over the Hudson River and ended in an open field of some unsuspecting person’s house. This was an activity I was definitely nervous for, but it was anything but scary- it was so calm and relaxing floating in a balloon through the beautiful scenery.

We took a hike up the the summit of Sleeping Beauty Mountain. The views were worth every bit of effort it took to get up there- all you saw for miles was rolling hills and Lake George.

We got to take a nice kayak trip on the lake. The water was so blue and clear. I love kayaking, so this was a treat for me.

A unique activity we decided to do (pictured above and below) was rail biking through the Adirondacks. They repurposed old railroad tracks for railbiking. It was a fun way to see areas you wouldn’t see otherwise.

The last night on the lake, we had a beautiful night. It was such a fun, relaxing getaway, and I hope to go back soon!

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