Why You Need To Take Vacations

I am a firm believer that everyone needs to take vacations. A vacation can be anything from a big trip overseas to a long weekend away a few hours from where you live- it’s whatever works for you! The important part is to get away and completely disconnect from your day job from time to time.

Time To Breathe & Relax

The grind of the 9-5 life can leave little breathing room. Going on a vacation relaxes your mind and body and gives you the much needed breathing room you don’t have on a typical day at the office.

Learning About The World

When I go on a trip, I like to pick somewhere new that I’ve never seen before. This way, I learn something and gain more understanding of the world around me. I believe it’s important, as people, to have an understanding of each other, and this can be achieved through traveling and meeting people from all different walks of life.

Reduces Burnout

If you just continue to work with no breaks, you will eventually burnout. This can cause people to feel depressed and trapped in their current position. If you take a few small trips a year, you can reduce the risk of burnout.

Improved Mental & Physical Health

Even more important than just relaxing, taking vacations has a real health effect. Both your mental and physical health are improved when you take vacations, which is important for both short and long run health.

Gives You Something To Look Forward To

For me, half the fun of going on a trip is the planning. Even if I’m going through a particularly hard month, if I have something on the calendar to look forward too, it makes everything a lot easier.

2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Take Vacations

  1. Looking forward to holidays make me feel so excited, I’m like a big kid and when talking to friends, I throw in “Oh, did I tell you I’m going on holiday………….?” And I’ll remind every day until I’m on holiday. It drives them all nuts lol,


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