How I Get Over Writer’s Block

No matter what sort of writing you do, writer’s block is something that everyone experiences. See below for the tips that I use when trying to get over writer’s block.

Listen To Music

Music has always been a huge part of my life. No matter what my mood, listening to music brings on so many emotions for me. I find that feeling all these emotions really gets the juices flowing, and listening to other people’s words and feelings makes me inspired.

Go For A Walk

Sometimes, I just need a break. If I sit and stare at my laptop screen, I will just get frustrated and upset. Going for a walk gets my body moving and blood flowing. It can be energizing and exactly what I need to get back to writing.

Sleep & Pay Attention To Your Dreams

Especially when it’s late at night and I’m trying to write, I force myself to stop and “sleep on it”. A lot of times when this happens, something comes to me in a dream. In this instance, I am sure to write down everything I remember when I wake up from the dream, even if its 2 A.M. I am always surprised by my dreams and how they help me with my writing.

Don’t Force It

Last, but not least, I always remind myself that you can’t force it. If I’m not feeling particularly inspired one day, that’s okay.

I find that my best ideas sometimes come at the strangest times. I have an ongoing note on my iPhone so I can jot down anything as soon as it comes to me.

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