Recharging My Inner Battery

For my entire life, I have been an introvert that wanted to be an extrovert. I feel that we live in a world that favors extroverts, and I wanted to fit into that mold. By trying to force myself to become an extrovert, I wasn’t taking care of what my body and mind needed to recharge.

One day, I decided that I needed to embrace that I am an introvert, and I need to take care of my needs. Once I started doing this, I felt so much better and more at peace with myself.

Below are the best ways I have found to recharge my inner battery as an introvert.

Don’t Make Too Many Plans

I used to feel like I needed to overbook my schedule in order to maintain friendships. This just led to fatigue and social anxiety after a while. I found that the key for me is a good balance of alone time and socializing.

Learn To Say No

This piggybacks off of “Don’t Make Too Many Plans”. Being an introvert and a people pleaser, it’s sometimes hard for me to say “no” when someone wants to hang out. However, it’s important to recognize when attending plans will cause more stress than saying no. Contrary to what I believed for so long, your friends will understand that you need time to yourself.

Listen To Your Body

I can feel in my body when I am tense and stressed in certain situations. This is a key indicator for me that I am overexerting myself, and it’s time to take a break.

Sleep When You Need To

I feel like every extroverted person I know can stay out late every night and feel fine on little sleep. However, my body and mind does not work with this sort of schedule. It’s important for me to sleep when I need to, not only when I want to. In both the short and long run, this really helps me recharge.


I find that a great way to recharge is to read a good book. This is a great activity that focuses my mind and makes me feel connected to something with no human interaction- a win win when wanting to be alone.

Let me know if you have tips of your own on how you recharge as an introvert- I’d love to hear!

One thought on “Recharging My Inner Battery

  1. Good for you for catering to your soul. I relate so hard to this post, as someone who used to claim being a “recovering introvert.” It’s a shame that it truly is looked at as a negative thing in society, but I hope you have found beauty and strength in your introverted soul, because it sure is there! Keep being true to yourself.

    My current goal is to stop feeling guilty for resting. Let me know if you have any tips with that 🙂

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