The Best Mexican Food In NYC

I love Mexican food, and I love NYC, so of course I eat a lot of Mexican food there.

Over the years, I have established a list of my favorite places, by category.

Budget- Tacombi

Tacombi has a simple menu consisting of around ten different tacos and quesadillas, with side options, such as rice & beans.

It is definitely a very affordable and delicious option- one taco costs, on average, four dollars. For example, a chicken quesadilla and a side of rice and beans will cost $12. This is a great deal compared to many places in the city.

It also has a very aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and quality margaritas.

Tacombi has 8 locations throughout the city, so make sure to check out which one is closest to you!

Splurge- Rosie’s

I have been to Rosie’s for both brunch and dinner, and I have never been disappointed.

The food is great quality and tastes extremely fresh, and the margaritas are solid.

As an example, the chicken enchiladas cost $18, a side of chips and salsa are $7, and a margarita is $12. For all three items, it costs me $37, so this is definitely not somewhere to go on a regular basis, hence why I call it the “splurge” option.

Rosie’s is located in the East Village, 29 E 2nd St.

Best Margarita’s- El Rio Grande

If you are looking for the best, and strongest, margaritas, look no further than El Rio Grande.

They also have very good food, but the focus is definitely the margaritas. This is a great place to eat or just grab drinks.

They have 17 different margarita flavors that can be made frozen or on the rocks- my favorite is the blood orange.

If you work in midtown, it’s an easy place to grab drinks after work. El Rio Grande is located at 160 E 38th St.

Brunch- Blockheads

The best Mexican brunch deal is hands down Blockheads.

For only $11, you can get an entree with unlimited mimosas, champagne, or half frozen margarita/mimosa. A frozen margarita here is $8 alone, so this is an amazing deal.

Blockheads has four locations- East Village, UWS, and Midtown West & East.

Neighborhood Spot- Mole

I am an upper east sider, so if you live on the UES, Mole is the best neighborhood spot I have found.

The food and drinks are delicious and fresh, and I love that they add chili powder to their salt to create a spicy margarita. I have never had anything here I didn’t like, but if I had to pick, I would recommend the Flautas Doradas or the Enchiladas.

Mole is located at 1735 2nd Ave.

Honorable Mention- Agave

I didn’t feel that Agave “won” a spot in any of the categories above but felt I had to mention it because it is definitely a great restaurant worth checking out.

I have only been there for dinner, but I have heard that they also have a great brunch. This is definitely another “splurge” option.

Agave has two locations- one at 140 7th Ave S (where I have been) and one at 488 Third Ave.

I have been to a lot of different Mexican restaurants in the NYC, so this list includes only a few of the places I recommend for various categories above. I would love to hear if you have any favorites to share!

3 thoughts on “The Best Mexican Food In NYC

  1. A wonderful selection of different menus and choices. I love Mexican!!
    Certainly enough to make a person hungry in a big way!
    Thanks so much for following and giving me the opportunity to meet you!
    Enjoy your day!


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